While I was walking on the Margaret bridge to the swimming pool, the late-autumn sunshine was stroking my smiley face.

When I jumped into the water, I got the feeling: this is going to be a great training! I am so relaxed, open to the new and I enjoyed the touch of the water as never before.

I was a lot more conscious, a lot more aware of my mistakes, errors I am still making.

This is a learning process.

The more conscious I am the better.

Bogi, my coach is great. She notices the next tiny correction step I am able to make and explains it in a way that I understand. And if I still don’t get it right, she explains in a different way. (Flexible communication award winner! :))

She has been great ever since.

Today the difference was my own state of mind.

Calm, relaxed, ready to learn, ready to grow.

I was surprised how much I noticed the position of my fingers, my shoulders, my bum, my feet, the water on my goggles, the obstacles caused by my scoliosis, etc. I was fully present.

This is the key. I guess. Being present. Using my mind only to observe 🙂

I was fully present. Nothing else was there. No fear of failing AGAIN. No thoughts about previous struggles with the freestyle, no worries about my zig-zag backstroke style. I just wanted to do my best. I just wanted to ENJOY.

So I did.

And it worked.

Just for fun we also did some kind of (I just call them) waterpolo excercises: ‘walking’ in the water, head and hands out of the water. And the other one too: head and toes out of the water, moving forward. I got them this time. I remember, when we did it at first time, I only enjoyed the ‘walking’ because I felt my tighs and gluteus so much that I was sure my figure will benefit of this big time. 😉
Now I dare to say: I even enjoyed these this time.

This is clearly the state of mind where magic happens. (Gabi Szilvási)


We finished with moving forward to the butterfly.

So far I’ve reached the caterpillar phase (arms next to my body, head-bum-feet, head-bum-feet, head-bum-feet – or at least this is how I interpret and understood what I have to do 🙂 ).

Now we moved to the next level: the “dolphin phase”: arms stretched forward.

I am very curios about the next step and I am very excited about spreading my wings…


With the Hungarian Iron Lady
With the Hungarian Iron Lady

(I had my first swim lesson on 21st January, 2015.
4th of July 2015 I swam across lake Balaton: 5.2 km. Breaststroke: 2 hours 39 mins.
I met Katinka Hosszu a few weeks ago, chatted and got energized and inspired by her book too. I started to finish my daily showers with ice cold water… “hosszukatinkásat játszom”. I reached 60 seconds and I lenghten the time little bit each day… Iron Nation rocks 🙂 )

HosszuKatinka dedikacio
Message from Katinka in the book

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