One of my old ones from February – translated with love to Lucho 🙂


To make the pancake flip in the air isn’t a big thing. For me. Because I can do it. Juggling with three balls? Not even with two. Yet. I might as well learn it.


I have all the necessary abilities: my both arms end in 5-5 fingers, both move well, my sight even if it isn’t perfect, it still works. In plain English: I would be able to do various interesting tricks with seven balls, or fire sticks. The fact, that I have not tried it yet, and haven’t practiced it, is a different story. But theoretically I am able to do it. If I want to, I can learn it.

Yesterday I made pancakes at my Argentinian friend’s place, and we filled them with dulce de leche (irresistible caramel cream). Of course, we were drinking mate, and had a great chat – in Spanish. His hobby is juggling: he can do it with three balls while sleeping till the end of the world, with four balls also for quite a long time but with five he has to pay attention to them.

I had seen him juggling several times before – the very first time on Margaret Island. He has those colorful, lighting balls whose colors can be changed with a remote control. I really enjoyed changing their colors while he was juggling. At the beginning all of them had the same color, at the end one of them became blue, another one green, the third one red, the forth one was flashing. The flashing one is really demanding, you really need to pay attention.

This time he got the clubs as well. Even I can easily judge that juggling with these must be harder, because no matter how you catch the ball, it has a sphere shape, but the shape of the club makes it a ”one way” street. You really have to use your brain. Or actually, maybe it is better to loose your brain and just do it relaxed, and ”feel” it. 🙂 Obviously, this ”feeling” comes from loads of practice. Same with the bicycle, just to mention a classic example. Most of us can ride a bike, eventhough it is not so obvious that we can balance on two wheels and move forward. And, because we see many others around us riding a bicycle, we can believe it more easily that ourselves are also able to do so. If we saw that there are as many people riding a monocycle as bicycle, we also would think that we could do it too, and, as a result of this, we would learn it. If I see something, I have a picture of how to do it, and I can picture myself doing it, and believe that I can do it.

The content, quality and quantity of my inner, mental pictures determine what I think, believe, know about myelf: what I am capable of, and what I am not. What I have many memories, pictures of, this is what I am capable of, this is what I can do. For example flipping pancakes. And what I am not capable of is juggling. Because I don’t have any memories, pictures of myself juggling. The first step is, that I have pictures of others juggling. The next step is, that I start throwing the balls. And practice and practice. Practice makes perfect and the repetition is the mother of knowledge. Exercitatio artem paratRepetitio est mater studiorum. Old wisdom.

So: what is possible in the world, it is possible for me – I just need enough mental pictures. Visualization helps that. research shows: real experiences activates the same neurological paths as the created ones. This information can be handy when you want to change your behavior, results, horribile dictu characteristics. 🙂 And, the good news is, that there are proven methods for that. I have tried them. They work…

Of course our natural skills and capabilities also have an effect, so I don’t think I would be a math genius. Our inner compass works pretty well, it is worth paying attention to it: what attracts you like a magnet? The way will be easier there. But the first step, and each of the following steps have to be taken. Or, at least, it’s worth it, if we want to get to the destination, reach our goal. Eventually, it is not the path that moves under our feet. Up! And go!

Update: I went to a jugglers’ day on Saturday with Lucho and started to learn juggling with 3 balls. It was fun! And needs practice, practice, practice…


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