It’s Christmas, all the presents are around the Christmas tree, wrapped with shiny, colorful papers. You are standing there with your loved ones, everyone is excited. You feel that there is something you wished for. One of the boxes catches your eye: its size and shape promises to contain your dream-present.

It is something you really want to get, but it is also very precious, so you are kind of only hoping to get it, and not really expecting it.

And now, you are standing there, and that box seems to hide that treasure.

You go closer, and see the gift card: it is your name there! Your heart starts bumping.

But there is a code you have to get in order to open the box. No instructions on how to get it, from whom and from where. The quest is to get the code, if you want to get your gift.

What would you do?

You got your gift. Is it still waiting for you to unwrap it? Do you know what is in your box?

You are gifted. Each of us are gifted. Each of us have a unique talent. We only need to open the box. What’s in yours? What are you particularly good at? What do you really enjoy doing? What’s your passion? The answer is in you. Listen. Act. Don’t waste it. Don’t waste your time.

Imagine: this is Christmas. The presents are around the Christmas tree. One box grabs your attention: its shape and size promise to hide your most desired present. It’s in that box. Your name is on the giftcard.

Open the box…


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